DELIVERIES – Please Note that deliveries are ONLY available for GREATER HARARE AREA NOW, but will soon be available in all major centres
JANUARY – January 2022 is Thyroid Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and promote understanding of the disease.
PROTECT THE HABITANT – Stop Burning Forests and Bee Hosting Habitant. Plant more trees this December Zimbabwe.
COVID19 – New Variant of Concern OMICRON and other variants are on the prowl. Please Mask Up, Be responsible with removal of lockdowns, Social Distance & Sanitise your hands regularly if you have to go out of your home. Most Importantly Embrace Digital Platforms for Services

Zimbabwe School Calendar: First Term 2022 – Schools are scheduled to OPEN 11 January 2022. However, Please check with your School administration regularly for updates
COVID 19: Covid19 is still ravaging Zimbabwe, Africa and the World. The Pandemic is still very far from over. A New Variant of Concern “OMICRON” is on the Prowl. Vaccinate, Mask-Up, Physically Distance, Socially Connect, Transact On-Line & Stay at Home. MINIMISE on TRAVEL & PHYSICAL INTERACTION

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