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Hybrid Generator / Grid / Solar Pumping Inverters

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Power Challenges are going to be with us for a while as the Authority works on additional generation capacity from a myriad of Power Sources (Thermal, Hydro, Solar). We are able to bring a high level of certainty to your business and domestic operations whatever economic sector you are operating in. A secure, Clean, and Reliable source of water is now imperative for intensive agriculture (Cropping / Livestock); hence you can engage us for “Green” powering solutions that continuously drive up your business efficiencies. Our Hybrid Grid / Generator / Solar Pumping Inverters allow you to use a Solar Power generating array whilst factoring in the installation of grid power should your solar power capacity degenerate for whatever reason.

Borehole Pumping Solutions

Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Generator & Grid Pumping Inverter
  • Protection Functions: Over/Under voltage Over-current, Short Circuit, Phase Failure etc.
  • 220V (0.75 – 2.2KW)
  • 380V (0.75 – 630KW)
  • DC/AC Input Compatible
  • DC: Solar PV Power Supply
  • AC: Generator or Grid Supply
  • 208-240VAC, 1 ~ or 300-340VDC
  • 380-480VAC, 3 ~ or 500-680VDC
  • Optimized MPPT Arithmetic Accuracy 99%
  • Multi-liquid-level Control, Dry run protection, Wake and Sleep function,,PID control,
  • Auto-dormancy on weak light, auto-recovery working on strong light, no need for man-made operations.
  • Auto switch over From Solar to Grid Supply with weak light.


Connection Schematic

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