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Asset Management is an very involving process that speaks to many interactive actions from:

  1. Exploring the acquisition of the Assets,
  2. Overseeing the management of the tangible / intangible Assets,
  3. Maintenance of the Assets, and
  4. Regular Asset accounting and inventory

Engage with us in developing your best practice digital asset management practice and actions. We provide a turn key (Enterprise Asset Management – EAM) service from Asset :

  1. Classification
    • Digital Assets Management (DAM) – Digital Assets including soft content generated on a daily basis in the course of doing business (Multiple Media Formats)
    • Fixed Assets Management (FAM) – the traditional Plant, Property and Equipment
    • Information Communication Technology Asset Management (ICTAM) – Includes new technologies like Software, Platform and Network as a Service.
    • Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) – Managing the built environment
    • Investment & Financial Asset Management (IFAM) – focusing on all investments, trade-able instruments and like intangible investments of the organisation.
  2. Identification
  3. Tagging
  4. Regular Inventory Counts, Reviews and Trend Analysis

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