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In the 21st Century, we are pushing for “Climate Smart Agriculture” / “Conservation Agriculture”. We are working on and with SMART FARMERS that do more for less through the use of technology whilst at the same time managing the finite land resources for Future Generations. Intensive Farming must not mean land degradation but more and better harvests whilst rejuvenating the land to continue providing for us in a sustainable way.

Solar Powered Irrigation:

Power is a very expensive commodity to store. Whilst desirable to store as much as can of the Mass / Grid produced power for later use; Farmers can now generate and use the right amount of power through the use of Solar Power inverters/drives that are tied to a particular function or process. Visit our Irrigation Page to explore such technology that can run directly from a solar panel array or be augmented with the use of grid power when so required.

Animal Husbandry / Livestock Management

Animal Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags, Antennas, and Readers enable Farmers, Laboratories, and Pet Owners to manage, monitor, and track their animals as part of animal husbandry or research operations. Visit our Animal Husbandry and Livestock Management Page.

Tag applications
  1. Education – Tamper Proof and Reusable
  2. Utilities – Customisable and Tamper Proof
  3. Medical – Corrossion Resistant and Bio – Friendly
  4. PPE Management – Anti Tamper and Corrosion Proof
  5. Equipment Rental – Reusable and Customisable
  6. RFID Manufacturing – Anti Impact and Anti Fouling
  7. Information – Tamper Proof and Customisable
  8. Warehousing – Long Range and Anti Metal
Deployment Environment
  • Customisable Encoding
  1. Efficient Code writing
  2. Rapid and large-scale customized encrypted code writing
  • Chip & Antenna Development
  1. Antenna Custoomisation
  2. Chip Selection
  3. Tag Performance & Reading Range Adjustments
  • Customize Specific RFID Tags
  1. Material
  2. Size
  3. Shape
  4. Colour
  5. Art Work
  6. Complex Anti-Counterfeit Processes
Custom Applications:
  1. Fire Resistant
  2. Anti Metal
  3. Washable
  4. Harsh Environments

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