DELIVERIES – Please Note that deliveries are ONLY available for GREATER HARARE AREA NOW, but will soon be available in all major centres
JANUARY – January 2022 is Thyroid Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and promote understanding of the disease.
PROTECT THE HABITANT – Stop Burning Forests and Bee Hosting Habitant. Plant more trees this December Zimbabwe.
COVID19 – New Variant of Concern OMICRON and other variants are on the prowl. Please Mask Up, Be responsible with removal of lockdowns, Social Distance & Sanitise your hands regularly if you have to go out of your home. Most Importantly Embrace Digital Platforms for Services

Zimbabwe School Calendar: First Term 2022 – Schools are scheduled to OPEN 11 January 2022. However, Please check with your School administration regularly for updates
COVID 19: Covid19 is still ravaging Zimbabwe, Africa and the World. The Pandemic is still very far from over. A New Variant of Concern “OMICRON” is on the Prowl. Vaccinate, Mask-Up, Physically Distance, Socially Connect, Transact On-Line & Stay at Home. MINIMISE on TRAVEL & PHYSICAL INTERACTION


E-Hub Systems International is “A specialized Infrastructure and Retail Company which is Information Communication Technology (ICT) backed that is serving the Sub-Saharan Region with appropriate Technology and Systems to improve the Well Being and Livelihoods of the Region’s people”

Our Beautiful Heritage that inspires us to achieve GREATER HEIGHTS – Flora & Fauna

eHub Infrastructure is a wholly owned Division which specialises in developing systems and physical infrastructure using the latest technologies. We participate in Roads Construction, ICT Physical Infrastructure and the Energy Sector.

eHub Shop Online is a wholly owned subsidiary which is a “Zimbabwean Online Shopping Marketplace selling books, home appliances, mobile phones, groceries, and other Products”.

Company Details
  • Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZMRA) – BP Number 0200250139
  • Procurement Regulatory Agency of Zimbabwe (PRAZ) – PR53657932276
  • Bankers – BancABC
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